Fast Fiber Internet Service


Do you love your internet service?
Is your connection reliable?
Are you paying too much?

Fast Fiber is the best solution for your home or business. We offer fast, reliable, unlimited internet service at an affordable price. 

What you get: 
  • Connect up to 12 devices at a time  
  • Reliable connection for remote work, distanced learning, streaming, and gaming 
  • Unlimited high-speed data plans starting at just $90 per month 

In the two years it took Fast Fiber to build our network, we made sure to plan with our customers in mind. With internet speeds of up to 940 MBPS, we’re on the cutting-edge of the best internet service available, and that’s where we plan to stay. And even better, fiber cables are fully resistant to fire, lightning, and radio signals, so you get the best service without the hassle. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. 

Customer testimonials: 

“Fast Fiber has been a game-changer for us at Subiaco Academy. Our students, faculty, and staff have great internet service at all times to accomplish their goals. Our E-Sports team is better than ever with high speeds more conducive to gaming.”
-Jonathan Collins, Director of Technology at Subiaco Academy

“I was about to lose my mind trying to help my children with their distanced-learning and complete my remote work with our previous internet service. We lost connection all the time and had trouble connecting more than two devices at once. Plus, we were paying a fortune for awful customer service. Now, with Fast Fiber, I can work and my children can use their tablets to complete their school work without any issues. When we’re ready for downtime, we can gather for a family movie without any lag-time on the video playback. I love Fast Fiber and would recommend them to anyone!”
-Jane Smith, accountant and mother of two

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