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    Jordan’s Sister-Draft of Chapter One

    I haven’t done this before, but I am sharing the first draft of chapter one of my novel-in-progress, Jordan’s Sister. I have not completed my editing process other than to check for grammar and spelling mistakes, so it still needs some polishing. I welcome any feedback. Most importantly, does it make you want to read more? This novel is 100% new writing based loosely on two characters I created when I was 14. While Caroline’s Lighthouse is classified as young adult, meaning ages 12 and up (Movie rating: PG-13), Jordan’s Sister is classified as new adult/contemporary (Movie rating: R). The main characters are in their early 20s discovering what it…

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    The loss of my stepfather

    My father died when I was little, and my mother remarried Ronnie Campbell. Ronnie was born on March 17, 1954, St. Patrick’s Day, and he died on June 7, 2009. He was 55. Unlike my father’s death from cancer, Ronnie’s death was an accident and completely unexpected. Mom had known Ronnie since elementary school. He had been one of her best friends. I remember their wedding. My stepsister and I got to be flower girls, which was a great excuse to be princesses for the evening in our white dresses and ballet slippers. After that, my mom and I moved into Ronnie’s house to live with him. What I remember most about…

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    A Walk In The Rain

    “A Walk In The Rain” Free Verse Poetry, August 2016/March 2017 She went for a walk in the rain With barely enough light to see The mist baptizing her favorite path. She couldn’t escape the pain Without causing much more So she retreated to her abandoned door. Once inside, the walls entombed her And trapped her as they moved, Revealing the family she’d left behind. Trapped within the rose-printed wallpaper, She stood in silent perfection In thorns that drew no blood. She went for a walk in the rain To clear her overwhelmed mind From burdens drowning in her wrath. She dropped to her knees and prayed For forgiveness and…