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    And They Didn’t Even Buy Us Dinner First: Property Insurance Woes

    Property insurance is necessary if you own a car or a home, especially if you have a loan or mortgage. But it’s also a flawed system that punishes you for using the coverage you’ve paid for. Surviving without health insurance is difficult, too, and I don’t even want to get into what’s wrong with the state of healthcare in the United States. Finding insurance coverage Shopping for insurance coverage is easy if you’ve never had a claim and just want to save some money. You can go online to compare rates of major and not-so-major companies and choose the one with the best price and coverage. Often, there’s a discount…

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    Apologies and hurt feelings

    If you’re reading this post, you’re a human being who’s been hurt before. It’s part of life. Also, it’s guaranteed that you’ve hurt someone else, whether intentionally or not. The worst part of hurting someone is when you do so unintentionally…and they won’t or can’t accept your sincere apology for the miscommunication. That happened to me recently. I lost some people I cared about because I hurt them with my blog post about my unexpected employment changes. It was never my intention to hurt anyone. I was and still am extremely hurt by the whole situation that resulted in my job loss, so I tried to write only facts without…

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    Quitting: Is it failure?

    Quit can be such a negative word. I’ve heard messages my entire life of “don’t quit” or “don’t give up.” I use the word “quit” with my kids almost every single day in the form of “Quit fighting!” I laugh at that because they’re never going to stop fighting. When they really get into an argument that won’t let up, I make them do more chores. I figure if they’re going to fight, they might as well do something productive while they argue. We encourage our children to stick with sports or their music, dance or karate lessons that we may or may not have pressured them into taking in…