Day 3: Countdown of my favorite love songs (for the brokenhearted)


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Welcome to day three of my ten-day series of Valentine’s Day inspired blog posts. Yesterday, I shared my favorite bittersweet breakup songs. Today’s feature is songs for the brokenhearted. These are songs for people who are heartbroken because they wanted the relationship to last forever but their partner had other plans. Songs for when you miss someone. Songs for when your love is unrequited.

Unrequited love was the worst pain I ever experienced in my young adult life from 18-21. Desperately loving someone who doesn’t love you back causes a myriad of emotions and debilitating pain in your soul that never goes away, even if it lessens over time. Below is a list of my top three broken heart songs.

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Day 2: Countdown of my favorite love songs (bittersweet breakup songs)


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Welcome to day two of my ten-day series of Valentine’s Day inspired blog posts. Yesterday, I wrote about my favorite angry love songs. Today’s feature is bittersweet songs about moving on.

Healing after a bad breakup, especially when you still miss and love the person, can be heartbreaking. It’s difficult to let go even though you know it’s the best thing to do sometimes. I’ve been there, and I feel like the first two songs on my list were written a few years late for when I really needed them. The songs still speak to my heart and help me revisit those feelings to benefit my writing and my healing now. The third song was my anthem for a while after my really bad breakup. Continue reading



“Echoes” Free-Verse, July-August 2017

Your ghost follows me around,
haunting and taunting me.
I don’t know if I miss you,
or the me I was before you.

Through the window,
I catch a glimpse of you behind the trees—
a shadow of who you once were to me,
still frozen in time.

Trapped inside these walls
are lies I’ve tried to ignore,
bubbling up in the peeling paint,
all these years later.

Echoes of past conversations
bleed in my ears
while I scream over the noise
of what is now silent.

Living in parallels,
I guide the me I once was to escape
the darkness into safety and light,
though I once let you take it all.

-Brandi Easterling Collins