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    What does depression (and anxiety) look like?

    Most commercials for antidepressants show people in despair, lying on a couch crying or dressed in baggy clothing with unkempt hair. Is that what depression looks like? Yes. Sometimes. But often, depression can look like a person who has their shit together. A career woman who gets things done. A soccer mom with perfect hair and perfect kids. A lawyer. A doctor. A musician. An artist. A movie star. A writer. Me. Anxiety medication ads often depict a person having a panic attack, complete with hyperventilating, rapid heartbeat and sweating. So that’s what anxiety looks like, right? Sure. Sometimes. It also can look like standoffishness. Indifference. Disengagement. Irritability. Forgetfulness. Me.

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    All I know about my dad

    My dad, Douglas Wayne Easterling, was born on January 23, 1953, the youngest of four children and the third boy for Howard and Pearl Easterling of Glen Rose, Arkansas. He would have been 64 this month (in 2017). I am writing this post strictly from my own recollection of events and stories I’ve been told. Because of this, everything contained in this post may not be entirely accurate. (Note: I have worked on this post on and off for the past four weeks in preparation for posting today because I knew it would be emotionally draining and would take some time to write.) Dad died of brain cancer on July…

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    Truths Left Unspoken

    “Truths Left Unspoken”, Rhythmic Poetry, 9-27-16 Many secrets lead me astray. Why do I want to run away? I have all I’ve ever wanted. So what’s missing? I’m still haunted. Hidden by truths left unspoken, There is part of me that’s broken. Be content with medication Or a much-needed vacation. When there is too much stress to face, I want to leave this unsafe place. -Brandi Easterling Collins