Our First Official Family Vacation


In the 10 years since Jonathan and I became parents, we’ve never taken a real family vacation. By vacation, I mean to drive away from our home to another location, see an attraction or two, and sleep there at least one night before driving home. And hopefully, something that in no way resembles National Lampoon’s Vacation.

At the end of last year, we talked about an eventual road trip to either Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, or (ambitiously) both. Knowing how far those destinations are from our home, and knowing our children, I suggested that we start smaller, considering that the kids have trouble getting along for the two-minute car ride from their grandparents’ house. It’s even worse when we visit my mother’s house that’s nearly two hours away. Constant bickering of “he’s looking at me” to “stop singing, Meredith.” I usually turn the radio louder to drown them out until they knock it off. It’s more effective than yelling. Continue reading