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    Warning: This Post Contains F**king Profanity

    According to the built-in dictionary on Apple computers:Profanity | prəˈfanədē | noun (plural profanities) is blasphemous or obscene language: an outburst of profanity. a swear word; an oath. irreligious or irreverent behavior. The word originated in the mid-16th century, but curses have likely been part of human speech since the beginning of human speech. Whomever first stubbed their toe on a rock likely muttered or screamed out something while in pain. But who decided which words were profane and which weren’t? I don’t know. I know there are words that can’t be said on television or the radio. WARNING: the rest of this post contains f**king profanity.

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    School Shootings

    Last week, on Valentine’s Day, a terrible tragedy happened in Florida. I’m sure it wasn’t the only tragedy to happen that day, but it’s the one that was on my mind the most after I heard the news. Another school shooting, this time leaving 14 students and three teachers dead. I’ve seen sources claim it was the 18th school shooting since January 1, 2018, and other sources claim that the number is exaggerated. My stance on the matter is: Who the hell cares what number on the list this school shooting was? Whether it was the first or the hundredth one, it is still one too many.