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    Beside Myself

    “Beside Myself” Free Verse Poetry, Poetry Workshop, 2002 I’m amazed I didn’t cry That night when I parked beside the lake To talk to God. I needed Him to listen to me Because you would leave in eight hours. I knew that fifty-two weeks Would pass before I could see you or Kiss you again. Until you’re home, I’ll close my eyes and Imagine you walking beside me. It’s been forty-four weeks since You left for overseas adventure. Tell me, baby, Am I still the only woman who You can talk to for six hours straight? More than I need the courage I prayed for long ago, I need to…

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    Don’t Stress

    “Don’t Stress” Villanelle, Metrical Poetry Workshop, 2002 Do not let things get to you dear, don’t stress About events you cannot work out right. Take time out for yourself when life’s a mess. You will make yourself sick. The doctors press More drugs than needed, which is not too bright. Do not let things get to you dear, don’t stress. Mom says “Go treat yourself to a new dress, But make sure you don’t pick one that’s too tight.” Take time out for yourself when life’s a mess. Professors monitor the slow progress Of papers and reports you’ve yet to write. Do not let things get to you dear, don’t…

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    Pissed Off: A Short List

    Note: The assignment was to express anger. I definitely had a lot of anger at the time I wrote this rant. This poem has some bad language, so don’t read it if that might offend you. I worked at a department store from the summer before my sophomore year in college until the end of my first year of grad school. “Pissed Off: A Short List”                Free Verse, Poetry Workshop, 2002 My friends think I am angry all the time. They are probably right. On any given day I can list many things that really truly piss me off. Why is it that people steal and don’t even try to hide…