Day 4: Countdown of my favorite love songs (love/hate)


Photo by Diego Medrano

Welcome to day four of my ten-day series of Valentine’s Day inspired blog posts. Yesterday, I wrote about my favorite songs for the brokenhearted. Today’s featured songs are about love/hate. You know? When you love and hate them and can’t seem to figure out why? Or when you hate them but still love them?

I don’t think I’ve ever truly hated someone. I’ve said it and regretted it. What kid hasn’t uttered those words to a parent or sibling? I am a firm believer that you must have loved someone first to hate them. I don’t think the opposite of love is indifference; I think it’s hate. HATE: loathe, detest, despise, abhor, execrate.

My favorite three love/hate songs are listed below. Continue reading