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    Day 6: Countdown of my favorite love songs (pour your heart out)

    Welcome to day six of my ten-day series of Valentine’s Day-inspired blog posts. Yesterday, I wrote about my favorite non-romantic love songs. Today’s songs are all about pouring your heart out. These are expressions of love that involve an element of desperation. An element of begging someone to love you. An element of pleading with them not to leave you or asking that they let you love them. All because your life feels incomplete without them. You miss them.

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    Beside Myself

    “Beside Myself” Free Verse Poetry, Poetry Workshop, 2002 I’m amazed I didn’t cry That night when I parked beside the lake To talk to God. I needed Him to listen to me Because you would leave in eight hours. I knew that fifty-two weeks Would pass before I could see you or Kiss you again. Until you’re home, I’ll close my eyes and Imagine you walking beside me. It’s been forty-four weeks since You left for overseas adventure. Tell me, baby, Am I still the only woman who You can talk to for six hours straight? More than I need the courage I prayed for long ago, I need to…