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    “Waiting”  11-28-99 Button up the windows, it’s time to go to sleep. While sewing up the shadows for a life without dreams. But wait for a phone call, it’s time to reflect today. While knitting a sweater for a heart cold with hate.

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    Insomnia and Anxiety

    For two months or so, I’ve been suffering from insomnia. I haven’t really kept it secret, but haven’t elaborated on the reasons behind it either. I do feel tired and want so badly to go to sleep at bedtime. By the time I finish all the things a busy mom has to do and my kids are in bed, I am wide awake. I have tried healthy habits, like tea, warm baths, reading, no television, keeping the lights low, and avoiding the “blue screen glow” of electronic devices to get myself in the right mindset to sleep. I have tried melatonin supplements too, but I worry about taking those for too…