High School Poetry


I wrote this one for my mother when I was 15.

“Angel” 3-22-97

An angel speaks softly into the night, “What shall I do now, now that my light is gone?”
Her voice is shaken from the fear she has never before known.
Never before has she felt so scared, confused, and all alone.
“Is the sun forever gone?”

She looked to the stars for the answer….
Each star became brighter under her gaze.
“My fear shall improve with my moon’s age.”
At once, each bright star fell and returned to the angel all the love she had given to the sun and received.

And with her heart full again, the stars returned to their eternal heaven.
“I will live on for the sun and my moon.”
The angel was to never know that her wings appeared that night, but her moon never doubted the strength within the angel’s earthly flight.


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