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Haunted Winter

“Haunted Winter” 11-3-99

The winter breeze drifts in and out of my life like a ghost,
that of someone who haunts only to be seen.
I often wonder how long I have taken its presence for granted.

Whispered secrets echo like thunder in the cold night air,
longing for laughter as well as comfort.
Only in children can innocence remain warm and peaceful.

Darkness hides the snow-covered paths of day,
enough to make wanderers of us all.
Yesterday’s mistakes can be forgiven for memory’s sake.

Ice embraces the trees to enclose true beauty and love,
vacant to those with frozen hearts.
Strength can crystallize but still shatter under stress.

Each snowflake carries with it the promise of a new dream,
as all stars in the sky grant the hope of a wish.
Time holds the answers to mysteries of my soul’s winter.

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