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The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy, 10-8-14

The night my youngest sister was born was also the night I lost my first tooth. I will never forget that night. I didn’t realize until much later how significant that night was. It was the first time the tooth fairy visited me, before I realized the true origin of the tooth fairy. I thought about that tonight, as my son lost his top front tooth. I had to drive to my mother-in-law’s house to get a dollar for the tooth fairy to leave behind. I should have been more prepared, considering that the tooth was barely hanging on. While friends’ kids may get more money for a tooth, the tooth fairy has not considered inflation in my house.

My stepsister and I were playing at her grandmother’s house waiting for news of the new baby. Mom had known all along she was having a girl, but I was hoping she would have a boy so that I could have all of the girl clothes for my doll. I was only six, so my thoughts were selfish. We were playing a game in the dark, trying to find each other. Well, my stepsister found me, in the form of her arm slamming into my mouth. Out popped my tooth, and Grandma placed it into a sandwich bag for safekeeping. I was only mildly traumatized by the blood involved.

That night, my stepdad picked us up and told us all about our new sister. I was upset that my mom had to stay at the hospital. I placed that tiny tooth under my pillow that night and the next morning found a dollar where my tooth had been. Even with all the excitement of the new baby and taking care of us kids by himself, my stepdad remembered to take my tooth and leave a dollar.

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