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Distant Seas

“Distant Seas” Sonnet-Metrical Poetry Workshop 2002

It is a song that stirs her memories
Of times she misses, hates doing without.
She gave up all her dreams of distant seas
When she knew that his life was full of doubt.

She was a fool to love a man who flees
From love. Too scared to commit, he got out.
She’s now without him, but better some say.
The mom’s babies will grow up with no dad.

She tells them of her dreams—a better day.
The kids know that things are not all that bad.
Big sister watches brothers while they play.
Their meal is beans again, they all feel sad.

She works two jobs because dad doesn’t pay,
The seas are still dreams that she’ll see one day.

Disclaimer: I loathe writing metrical poetry. I did the best I could, but wasn’t really happy with anything I wrote during that class. I got a B for my work in class. I respect those who can write metrical poetry and those who enjoy it.

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