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    Day 1: Countdown of my favorite love songs (angry songs)

    Valentine’s Day is ten days away. In honor of that, I am sharing my favorite love songs. I decided to share my favorite angry ex-lover songs and why they mean something to me. Breakups happen all the time. Sometimes they’re mutual, and other times, one person feels dumped. When the dumped one is angry about their fate, some great music can come out of the situation. My top three angry ex-lover songs are listed below.

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    The loss of my stepfather

    My father died when I was little, and my mother remarried Ronnie Campbell. Ronnie was born on March 17, 1954, St. Patrick’s Day, and he died on June 7, 2009. He was 55. Unlike my father’s death from cancer, Ronnie’s death was an accident and completely unexpected. Mom had known Ronnie since elementary school. He had been one of her best friends. I remember their wedding. My stepsister and I got to be flower girls, which was a great excuse to be princesses for the evening in our white dresses and ballet slippers. After that, my mom and I moved into Ronnie’s house to live with him. What I remember most about…

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    Pissed Off: A Short List

    Note: The assignment was to express anger. I definitely had a lot of anger at the time I wrote this rant. This poem has some bad language, so don’t read it if that might offend you. I worked at a department store from the summer before my sophomore year in college until the end of my first year of grad school. “Pissed Off: A Short List”                Free Verse, Poetry Workshop, 2002 My friends think I am angry all the time. They are probably right. On any given day I can list many things that really truly piss me off. Why is it that people steal and don’t even try to hide…