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    The Summer of Reality

    This story was part of the collection of writing samples I submitted for the Creative Writing Scholarship contest at Arkansas Tech University in Spring 1999. I placed 4th, so I was pretty excited about that. The scholarship paid for my books for my first year in college.  The Summer of Reality, 1999 The last day that I was ever fifteen, I went to the mall with my Mom, my aunt Carrie, and my best friend Melanie. Earlier that morning, I mailed a letter that could change my whole life if the receiver decided to at least humor me. During the previous school year, I had developed a crush on a new boy…

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    My love history and why I never wrote about my husband until now

    Let me warn you: This post is long. Something my husband and I talked about before he helped me launch this website was the fact that I wrote a lot of material about someone I loved before I met him. I was worried that what I wrote a long time ago would hurt my husband, something I would never do intentionally. Now my husband, Jonathan, is very blunt, as anyone who knows him will tell you. He told me specifically that he is not threatened by my past because it made me who I am—the woman he loves. We talked about my past and his while we were getting to know each…

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    Poetry at 16. Fairly self-explanatory. “Explanation” 9-5-97 You live inside my head, causing me much pain and sorrow. Sometimes I wish you were dead, so I could just get through tomorrow. When you speak to me, my heart beats so fast. You make all my thoughts free, and everything done in the past. People ask me: “How can you say, you love a person before you know him?” And I answer: “The very same way, you can hate a person before you know them.” What I fear the most I know is true, the person who lives inside my head just isn’t you.