What am I doing?


cr7-wixvyaaxwnw-jpg-largeRight now I am playing the waiting game with Caroline’s Lighthouse. I received word today that the manuscript has passed the initial review process. It is with Archway Publishing undergoing content review and I expect to hear back within one month. Basically, they are checking for copyright violations, hate crime depiction or evidence of plagiarism. Since I have done none of those things, I am not worried. While I am not worried about those things, I am worried about some blatant error that I might have missed in the manuscript. Waiting is difficult because I am not a very patient person.

In the meantime, I am working on my next novel, which is a combination of two previous ones and will be a complete overhaul rather than the partial one that Caroline’s Lighthouse became. Caroline’s Lighthouse is aimed primarily at young adults, but adults can enjoy it too due to the fact that the epilogue is set present day with adult Caroline reflecting on her life. Plus, a lot of adults including myself enjoy well-written young adult novels. I loved The Hunger Games trilogy. I devoured all three books within five days to the point where I was reading in the car while my husband drove, during my lunch breaks and while cooking dinner for my family.

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The evolution of my novels, leading to Caroline’s Lighthouse publication


Humble beginnings: I have mentioned before that I started writing novels when I was 13. I hand-wrote them in pencil on notebook paper. (I have scanned them and saved them digitally now in addition to keeping the originals.) Between the ages of 13-15 (or 18 if you count the typing of the last novel) I wrote 7 book-length stories: Night and Day, When Does Life Begin?, Four Hearts, Jordan’s Sister, Just Taylor, One Shot, and Caroline’s Lighthouse.

As I look back at all of the stories, the first two are only salvageable if I part them out for dialogue or characters for other stories. (A polite way to say they are total crap and I watched way too much 90210 and Melrose Place-shows I was way too young to be watching-while writing them.) The third has a sweet story line, but needs a ton of work. The next three, however, have potential. Of those, two of them are about the same characters and will be combined for my next novel rewrite, Jordan’s Sister, which will be combined with Just Taylor. The story has been churning in my head and will be vastly different from the original draft, but will pull from a lot of the angst I captured at 14 to provide depth to the characters, who will be in their 20s in the rewrite. I estimate one year to complete the rewrite on that one. After that, I will work on One Shot and see what happens after that. Continue reading

Cancer and Five Old Clocks


“Cancer and Five Old Clocks” Rhythmic Stanzaic Poetry, Poetry Workshop 2002

I’d rather wash clothes, scrub a dirty floor,
Than sit here waiting, looking out my door.
To wait takes time that I may not reclaim.
Waste whisks away with only one to blame.

I sit and think. Not having time to die
Does not ensure no pain. I want to lie,
Be bored, regret, complain, and not be scared.
I’ll ask God “Why?” Hell, how could He have dared?

Cancer, I feel alone. I should not wait,
Lying in bed while my loved ones create
New stories to distract me from dying.
I’d rather hear anything but crying.

Instead of sitting by to hear time tick
Away on five old clocks, I will be sick
With passion, paint sunsets, and not stand still.
Tell God I’m not a wasted soul to kill.