Family Vacations


The road to hell was paved with family vacations…just kidding. I remember several family vacations from my childhood. My stepdad, mom, younger sister, and I would pile into the station wagon or one of my mom’s Jeep SUVs and head for a drive out of state. A couple of times, my stepsister joined us for out-of-state trips, and once I remember my stepbrother joining us for camping in-state, but usually it was just us girls. Continue reading

Dreams and things


When I graduated high school, I gave the benediction to my classmates and our families. In my brief speech, which I seriously wrote in about 15 minutes, I quoted Eleanor Roosevelt’s words you see above.

I had so many dreams back then. Dreams to travel. A dream to find romantic love so I wouldn’t feel so alone all the time. Dreams to be the author of published books. As a young woman, those dreams kept me going like nothing else. I could imagine greatness ahead of me.

Venice, 2001

I traveled twice before I got married. Once to Italy for spring break in 2001, visiting Venice, Florence, Rome and Pompeii. The trip was through school, so I had tour guides and a few people I knew from classes. I will never forget the things I saw, especially standing in the middle of the Sistine Chapel and feeling so small, yet part of the whole world at the same time. It was breathtaking. Continue reading

Traveling, publishing, and writing


So, I traveled for work last week. I drove to the airport, flew to DFW, and took a 20-minute taxi ride to my hotel to go to a conference on licensing. Trademark licensing and editing are my day jobs at Arkansas Tech University, and I love them almost as much as I love writing. The conference allowed me to connect with a group of like-minded people I could chat with about issues we all experience in our roles as licensing directors.

My travel experience was pleasant. I don’t mind flying at all. In fact, I kind of love traveling occasionally. I enjoy people-watching in the airport. My flight was on time, and I finally had some uninterrupted time to read. I started reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I like the way it is told from three different characters’ points of view in first-person. Of course, I did watch the movie a couple of weeks ago so I know what’s going to happen for the most part. I figured the book would be better than the movie, which is almost always the case.

Continue reading