Autumn writing update

Brandi and Peanut (a chiweenie)

It’s October 1 and has been officially autumn for the last two weeks or so. I love this season. I love the scents, the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and the shortened days. Of course, in Arkansas weather, the change in season can take a while. The high temperature was 92 today. I am ready for 72-degree weather.

I published my third novel, What I Learned That Summer, on August 2, which would have been my late Aunt Diana’s birthday. Sales have been slow so far, but I anticipate them picking up around the holidays. Books make wonderful gifts, you know.

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Two Years of Updates: Reading, Writing, and other creative outlets


I feel like this is a confession. My name is Brandi. I’m a writer, and it’s been two months since I last published a blog post. It’s my longest gap since launching this site two years ago. Has it really been that long?

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on where I was in life two years ago. I was just starting to write again because of a burning desire inside I could no longer ignore. I was haunted by past heartache from which I’d never properly healed. I was depressed, anxious, restless and an insomniac. I was also exhausted from the “perfect” facade I’d been presenting that was finally crushing me. Continue reading

Best laid plans: Jordan’s Sister Update



As of April 26, Jordan’s Sister is available in paperback format on Amazon.

From April 24, 2018:

Today was supposed to be the launch day for Jordan’s Sister, the first novel to be published under Luminesce Publishing. The launch date was a deadline I set myself, so not meeting it isn’t the end of the world. For now, I will have to settle for a partially-met goal.

The eBook launched early, on April 21. You can purchase a copy on or read for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. There is a “Look inside” feature that allows you to read just past the opening of Chapter 4, which will allow readers to check out my style and story opening to make sure they wish to purchase to continue reading.

I hope to have the paperback out before Saturday, April 28, 2018. I will update more as soon as I can.

-Brandi Easterling Collins