Love me more (Taylor’s Song)


This is Taylor’s song from my current novel-in-progress, Jordan’s Sister. The sound I have in mind for it is reminiscent of 90s Pop because the entire music scene of the 90s is something that my character, Taylor, gravitates toward because she grew up listening to it. It’s a love song with intentionally ambiguous lyrics. I’ve mentioned before that most songs are about love, sex or drugs.

“Love me more”

If you could love me more
I think I’d run away
I never thought that I would feel this way—again
But I never want to leave this place
I think so every time I see your face—I do
I do
I do—

Baby, if you’re nice
I’ll let you come inside
Into this secret place where I go to hide
I’m so afraid with every breath I take
There’s no one else who makes me feel this way—like you
Like you
Like you—

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