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    My 30 Favorite Male Singer-Songwriters

    I recently wrote about my favorite female singer-songwriters, so now I’m writing about the male ones. My initial list was long, and it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to my top 30. That’s why you’ll see a lengthy list of honorable mentions. I’m not saying any of the artists are better or worse; I’m just basing the list on my favorites and the songs that have meant the most to me. A key difference in a lot of the male singer-songwriters is that more of them are lead singers of a band than the songwriters I admire who are female. It’s just how it is, I suppose. Now,…

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    My 30 Favorite Female Singer-Songwriters

    Female-led music that inspires me I’m an artist of the written word, and I adore music. It inspires my writing and helps me time travel for stories I set in the past. Lyrics are poetry set to music with a universal quality to help us feel less alone in the world. My favorite songs come from talented singer-songwriters who share their work with the world. In prep for this post, I started listing female singer-songwriters with works I enjoy and soon had a huge list of over 40 talented ladies. It was too big of an undertaking, so I tried to cut the list down to my top 15, but…

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    Top 15 Cover Songs I Like Better Than The Originals

    When an artist makes a song their own When artists release a song, they make it their own. I’ve always admired artists and bands who write their own material, but I also appreciate when a band or artist covers a song so well that I like it better than the original release. Here are my favorites and some honorable mentions. My top 15 favorite cover songs (in order) 1. “Hurt” covered by Johnny Cash Original release by Nine Inch Nails, written by Trent Reznor. Cash truly captures the meaning of this extremely personal song and makes it his own. The lead singer of NIN Trent Reznor and Cash never got…